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The formulas offered are customizable, modular and adjustable according to your needs.

ForSerenity mule

This formula includes at least:
  • Regular visits according to your convenience
  • Visual inspection of your entire residence (interior/exterior)
  • Control of openings (gate, doors, windows)
  • Ventilation of rooms, simulation of presence
  • Reading your water and electricity meters (checking for leaks, overconsumption)
  • Controlling the absence of harmful animals
  • Switching on your technical equipment (to ensure they are in good working order)
  • A written intervention report (email, post) and/or telephone

Monthly subscription :
  • 1 visit/month from 50 euros
  • 2 visits/month from 80 euros
  • 4 visits/month from 150 euros
Annual subscription :
  • 1 visit/month from 300 euros
  • 2 visits/month from 600 euros
  • 4 visits/month fromof 800 euros
The SOS Bad Weather visit 50€ VAT included
(Intervention and report within 12 hours from request)


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