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We are all different and we also have different needs.
the Chateau Conciergerie  is there to adapt to each of its clients.

Personalized services
The concierge service is there to listen to you, understand your needs and adapt to your requirements in order to achieve a more peaceful organization of your life together.

A single contact
By choosing our services, you benefit from a single, available contact person.
This allows you to establish a relationship of trust through direct contact and to be able to assess together your real needs in terms of stewardship or assistance.

From the first contact, we can arrange an appointment.
With your agreement, we will come to your home to determine your needs together. We establish your personalized quote together.
For remote services, we maintain
constantly in contact by email or telephone.

Our goal is to offer you services that meet your expectations: optimize, maintain, prepare your property, this is our mission.ion.

For remote services, you are informed in real time of each of our interventions.
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